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230' Thermal Paper Adapters

Change paper rolls 5 times less often and save over 60% on your pos paper!

Now you can use 230 ft paper rolls in the Verifone VX520 and the Ingenico ICT220 & ICT250 terminals!


Save Time and Money


Save over 60%! One area for big savings in your business may be your consumable, thermal paper rolls for your credit card machine. Per foot, 230 ft rolls of thermal paper cost 1/3 the price of 50 ft rolls! Also, since retail card processing companies all use EMV or "CHIP" technology now, the receipts are longer, so we’re all using more paper than ever before!

Our Verifone VX520 and Ingenico ICT220 paper adapters securely attach in seconds, feature a compact design, solid steel construction and are very user friendly.

  • The natural design of the Verifone VX520 credit card machine allows the paper to feed thru the hinge from the outside, no modifications or special cover required!

  • The Ingenico ICT220 paper adapter also fits the ICT250 and includes a modified replacement paper cover. This custom cover easily installs in seconds and is a factory cover that has been professionally machined with a paper slot to allow the paper to feed from the outside!

Now available: Optional EZ Feed Paper Cover for the Verifone VX520. This is also a factory cover with a paper slot added. The EZ Feed Cover makes it a little easier to load new paper rolls but is not required for the VX520.


Need a wall mount? Be sure to see all our Wall Mount/Paper Adapter solutions for the Verifone VX520. 


All our products are proudly Made in the USA! Paper Adapters are patent pending.



Verifone VX520 paper adapter

Easy to install!

The VX520 Paper Adapter securely attaches in seconds, features a compact design, sturdy metal construction and is very user friendly.

  • Adapter securely snaps into the slots on the bottom of the VX520, no screws, no tools needed.

  • Machine, with adapter, can easily be turned around for customer facing situations.

  • Rubber feet protect your counter and the wired connections can be fully serviced with adapter in place!

  • Accepts all size rolls of 2 1/4" thermal paper!

Ingenico ICT 220, ICT250 paper adapter

The Ingenico ICT 220 Paper Adapter securely attaches to the ICT220 or ICT250 terminal and includes a slotted replacement cover which easily installs in seconds, no tools required.

  • The Ingenico paper adapter pays for itself with the first case of 230’ paper rolls!

  • Machine, with adapter, can easily be turned around for customer facing situations.

  • Rubber feet protect your counter.

  • Accepts all size rolls of 2 1/4" thermal paper!

  • Solid steel construction.

Verifone VX520 Wall Mount Paper Adapter Combo

Sturdy wall mount supports your VX520 credit card machine at a user friendly angle and the built in paper adapter allows you to use 230 ft. thermal paper rolls!

  • Fits Verifone VX520 contactless and non-contactless.

  • Includes EZ Feed, slotted replacement cover.

  • Change thermal paper rolls 5 times less often!

  • Save over 60% on your POS paper rolls!

  • Includes 2 rolls - 2 1/4 x 230' thermal paper.

  • Solid steel, all hardware included.



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